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Sir Deian Hopkins, former Vice Chancellor of the South Bank University and currently Welsh Government Advisor on WW1 remembrance addresses the event in the House of Commons.

Nia Griffith MP has recently attended an event in the House of Commons to promote the campaign to establish a memorial to commemorate the thousands of Welsh soldiers who gave their lives during the First World War. During that conflict, in proportion to the size of its population,  Wales lost more people than any other nation. Whereas Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and more recently Scotland have monuments in Flanders to honour their fallen, there is as yet no such memorial to the Welsh who lost their lives. This campaign is to make sure that there is such a memorial. The historian Sir Deian Hopkin, who originally comes from Llanelli, and is currently the Welsh Government Advisor on WW1 remembrance explained the plans.

Commenting on the event,  Nia said, “ I am pleased to support this campaign. Like so many of our forefathers, my Great Uncle Ebeneser  lost his life in the First World War, and it would be fitting to have a memorial to the Welsh who gave their lives on those battlefields.”