Home > News > “Nia has done so much for me, my family and my community” – Kirsty Jones, Llanelli

Many local families have been pushed to the edge by the cost-of-living crisis and Tory economic chaos.  Increased mortgage and rent payments, higher energy bills and food costs, and the highest tax burden for over 70 years have left many struggling to keep their heads above water.

Delivering economic stability to bring back growth and help make working people better off is a top priority for a future Labour Government.  Secure jobs and making work pay is key too and Labour will ban exploitative zero hours contracts, ending fire and rehire and introduce basic rights from day one to parental leave, sick pay, and protection from unfair dismissal.

I am very grateful to Kirsty and her lovely young family for their support and, I will continue to fight for them and other families across Llanelli to be able to get on in life.