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Last week, during Prime Minister’s Questions, Keir Starmer gave the Prime Minister three chances to rule out cuts to the NHS, cuts to the state pension or income tax increases to pay for his plan to scrap National Insurance.

He refused to do so and people are rightly concerned about what the future holds if Rishi Sunak’s reckless proposal were to go ahead.  So many questions remain unanswered.

How will the Tories pay for their £46 billion unfunded tax plan? 

How will people accrue rights to the basic state pension in future given this currently happens through National Insurance Contributions?

If it’s turns out to be a merger with Income Tax, what will be the new rate of income tax, and how much of a tax rise would that be for say a pensioner on £15,000, £20,000, £30,000?

National Insurance contributions are legally reserved for spending on the NHS and pensions.  What will the effect be on the NHS from this madcap idea?

Why did Rishi Sunak put national insurance up and then say he wants to abolish it.  He says he’s the man with the plan, so what is his plan?

Liz Truss has been touring the airwaves recently reminding us of her disastrous premiership that crashed the economy, sent mortgage and rent bills soaring and left working people worse off. She was prime minister for less than 50 days. However, families in Llanelli and across the rest of the UK are still paying the price today for her incompetence.

Sunak’s pledge to scrap National Insurance might look good at first glance but is an even larger unfunded tax plan than the one in her mini budget.

It is the clearest evidence yet that the Conservatives have forfeited any claim whatsoever to be the party of economic competence.