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Plans to reduce Llanelli’s school bus routes for pupils attending Ysgol Y Strade, Bryngwyn, and St John Lloyd comprehensive schools are “completely unacceptable” and could result in local families having to make very difficult choices according to local MP Dame Nia Griffith.

The recently announced decision by a private operator to cease the L23, L24 & L27 routes has provoked much dismay and disappointment from those families living within the Welsh Government’s three mile cut-off point for free school transport but who instead rely upon paying to use the bus services currently under threat to get their children to and from school every day.  It is thought that up to 200 children will be affected by the changes.

The MP is now in the process of raising the issue directly with Carmarthenshire County Council on behalf of those communities affected and is asking them to conduct a full review of the situation and do everything they can to put alternative arrangements in place as soon as possible.

Dame Nia, a former teacher herself, said:

“The withdrawal of these vital services will cause major problems for many parents and pupils.  It will be especially difficult for those that live just within the three mile boundary for the guaranteed transport provision but who still have a long way to travel to get to school.  It will also make things harder for those on low incomes or who have no alternative modes of transport available.

I appreciate that the situation is a complex one and not easily solved but ending these routes would be completely unacceptable and have the potential to leave large numbers of pupils at a disadvantage.

I really hope that Carmarthenshire County Council will listen to the concerns of the parents and pupils who will be impacted by this and work to ensure this provision continues. As we approach such an important part of the academic year, a quick and satisfactory resolution is vital for the wellbeing and educational needs of those pupils who depend upon it.”