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Llanelli’s MP, Dame Nia Griffith is calling on former Road Chef employees to make sure that they respond to the latest communication from the Road Chef Employee Benefit Trust (REBTL). 

Some 4,000 former Road Chef employees nationwide, including some who worked at Pont Abraham, are still waiting for a payout after the High Court ruled back in 2014 that £10.6 million which had been paid in tax from proceeds of shares from the Roadchef Employees Benefit Trust did in fact belong to the Trust, and former employees have been waiting since 2018 for HMRC to pay back the money they are owed.

The trustees of the Road Chef Employee Benefit Trust hope to obtain High Court approval to start the distribution process before long – providing that the High Court gives that approval. Menzies will be handling the process.

 Dame Nia Griffith MP said:  

“It is absolutely shocking that nearly ten years since the High Court ruled that this money rightfully belonged to the former employees, they are still waiting for the money owed to them by HMRC.

This is hard-earned money that they put in this scheme like a pension, and they need that money now to live on, especially with the current cost of living crisis. That it is a government department that has been causing the delays is outrageous. I can well understand employees cynically dismissing this latest letter, but in chasing this matter up, I was told that it is vital that employees do respond.”   

The Member of Parliament who has campaigned for many years for the return of the monies owned, has recently been in conversation with campaigners. Any former employees who believe they are beneficiaries but have not heard from Menzies, should contact Menzies straight away.  

Menzies helpline is 0330 912 9355 or they can be contacted by email at REBTL@menzies.co.uk.