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The new 20 mph default speed limit is designed to reduce serious accidents, injuries and deaths on our roads.

It is important, however, that its implementation in local communities is done in a fair, sensible and easily understandable way.I have received a number of messages asking why some roads have been brought down to 20 mph, why some have not and whether it would be possible to look again at individual decisions.

I am therefore compiling a list of specific locations to submit to Carmarthenshire County Council where people have concerns about how the new measures have been brought in. Please let me know if you have anywhere in particular that you like added to the list and I will ensure that it is raised with them directly. You can get in touch by emailing me the details at nia.griffith.mp@parliament.uk

I have also asked them to produce better maps for public use so that all speed limits and changes for local roads can be displayed in a simpler manner. The only ones I have seen so far are rather unclear, confusing and not very helpful at all.