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In my roles as Member of Parliament for Llanelli and as Labour’s Shadow Minister for Exports, I am keen to meet with, and listen to, businesses to discuss the challenges they face and find out what they need to survive, grow and create sustainable, longer term jobs.

We are crying out for a new UK government that is pro-business, pro-worker and pro-trade, and has a plan to boost export-led growth across the UK. 

On a recent visit I made to the Gestamp factory in Felinfoel, I saw the progress made there over the last decade or so.  When we think of electric vehicles, we are often unaware of the development of the tougher, lighter bodywork parts made right here in Llanelli, which contribute so much to the safety and energy efficiency of vehicles.

This is a critical time for investment decisions in industry.  The United States Inflation Reduction Act is a game changer in providing incentives for companies to invest in green technologies.  Similar moves by major European countries pose real challenges for the UK. We urgently need the UK Government to step in with similar packages to make the UK the destination of choice for firms like Gestamp and safeguard existing local jobs. 

This is just one of many examples where the current UK Government is leaving us fall behind.  Our exports are down, there is a gloomy outlook and many Brexit issues remain unresolved.

Whilst the current Tory UK Government is more concerned about themselves, Labour has already set out a vision for a dynamic, trading Britain that seizes opportunities.

We will continue to provide more detail on this over the coming months.  As part of the that, I will keep visiting local businesses, big and small, to find out from them exactly what they need to thrive.