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Last week, I was very impressed by my visit to a local Stroke Association group which helps stroke sufferers recover from the physical, mental and emotional difficulties that a stroke can bring.

So often a stroke comes out of the blue and is a life-changing event having a major impact, not only on the sufferer but on their family as well, affecting everything from employment and financial circumstances to relationships social life.  So it was heart-warming to hear first- hand, that as soon as a stroke patient is discharged from hospital, the local Stroke Association makes contact and offers a whole range of expertise and support.   

The support group that I visited is part of that on-going support: it meets once a month and enables sufferers and their families to access support and information as well as to share knowledge and experiences with those who find themselves in similar positions.

The help provided by the Stroke Association in Carmarthenshire continues to be invaluable and it was encouraging to see and hear directly from each individual how they have been supported, with the Stroke Association often enabling them to resolve or pre-empt difficulties.

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