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Many pensioners across Carmarthenshire may be losing out on vital Pension Credit help that could bring an average of £2,700 extra into their homes every year.

An estimated £5million worth of Pension Credit annually goes unclaimed in the county which during this cost of living crisis could be used by local people to help make ends meet.  It is a nationwide problem too with one million households thought to be affected.

Pension Credit provides extra cash to those who are over State Pension age and on low incomes.  It is separate from the State Pension and you might be able to qualify even if you have other income, savings or if you’re a homeowner.  It can also act as a “gateway” benefit which opens doors to additional help with housing costs, council tax, TV licences and more.

It is the most underclaimed benefit of all and around a quarter of those eligible to claim do not do so, missing out on support. 

That is why I’m determined to encourage as many local residents who think they might qualify to apply. 

I recently held an event at the Selwyn Samuel Centre to raise awareness of Pension Credit which attracted over 150 people, with experts from the Citizens Advice Bureau, DWP and other organisations on hand to help.  Anyone who thinks that they, or a loved one, may be eligible for Pension Credit should find out more about it as soon as possible.

Claims can be made online at www.gov.uk/pension credit or by phone on 0800 99 1234.  If you need help in submitting a claim then my office is happy to assist and can put you in contact with a specialist advisor to take you through the process.  Please get in touch on 01554 756374 or email nia.griffith.mp@parliament.uk.