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Llanelli’s MP, Dame Nia Griffith, and MS, Lee Waters, have expressed dismay that no prosecutions will be pursued in relation to the Llangennech rail derailment that took in August 2020.

In a statement issued earlier today by Natural Resources Wales, it was confirmed that there was insufficient evidence available to achieve convictions of any companies or individuals and that the matter would not be taken any further.

Reacting to the statement, Dame NIA GRIFFITH MP, Member of Parliament for Llanelli, said:

“We are deeply disappointed at this news that no-one will be held directly accountable for the crash. 

It has caused significant damage to the natural environment around the Loughor Estuary and created major difficulties for the cockling industry there, from which they are still struggling to recover. It was only through luck that nothing even more serious happened that night, yet, here we are over two years later and no-one will be taking responsibility for such a worrying incident. This is particularly concerning as similar issues with rolling stock maintenance were reported following an incident in 2017.  

How can we now be sure that lessons are properly learned from this if companies are allowed to just carry on as normal without any consequences?”

LEE WATERS MS, Senedd Member for Llanelli, added:

“The crash was a real wake up call and its effects are still being felt locally even after all this time.

The Rail Accident Investigation Board (RAIB) issued a comprehensive report into the incident with a host of recommendations to be implemented. It is vital that all the lessons from this are learned quickly so that similar incidents are not allowed to happen again in future.

All the recommendations need to be implemented promptly and fully to ensure that we never see something like this again.”