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Another week brings yet another scandal engulfing the Conservative UK Government.

This time, it’s the resignation of Tory Deputy Chief Whip, Chris Pincher MP, following groping allegations.

Hardly a day goes by now without serious misdemeanours by those in Government in Westminster being revealed.  Whether it is sexual impropriety, unanswered financial questions or undemocratic decisions, this Government reeks of ill-behaviour, complacency and arrogance.

It reminds me of the dying embers of the Tory Government in the 1990s.  Out of touch, out of ideas and completely devoid of any sense of common decency.

Every time we switch on our television screens, we see a Prime Minister denying all knowledge and responsibility for what has been going on.  As the saying goes, the fish rots from the head down and the Prime Minister’s own personal standards of conduct seem to have set the tone for the rest of his party.  Ministers now also have to humiliate themselves by defending the indefensible.  This really is the most shoddy, low grade Government in living memory.

The recent by-elections show that the public are not impressed at all.  Swings in both seats turned them from Tory blue to Labour and Liberal Democrat respectively as voters said that enough is enough. 

It is now increasingly clear that the Tories are under threat in all parts of the country whether it is in the so-called “Red Wall” areas or in their own safe seat heartlands.  They can no longer take the voters, especially those that gave them a chance in 2019, for granted.

As Britain suffers from a cost of living crisis, huge backlogs across public services and economic forecasts that make our toes curl, the Prime Minister and his colleagues are more concerned about protecting themselves rather than looking out for ordinary, hardworking families.