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My column in this week’s Llanelli Star on the forthcoming Local Elections….

Who do you think will be the best person to represent you, your family and the area in which you live when it comes to running your local town and community councils and Cyngor Sir Gâr – Carmarthenshire County Council?

Which political party can you depend on most to deliver frontline services such as education, social care, waste and recycling collections and everything else that these councils provide?

Those are the questions that people all over Carmarthenshire will consider carefully over the next few weeks with the Local Government elections taking place in the first week of May. For the first time in council elections, young people aged 16 and 17 will have the chance to cast their votes as well.

Carmarthenshire County Council is currently run by Plaid and Independent councillors. These elections will be a chance for voters to give their verdict on whether they have delivered on the promises they made back in 2017 or let people down. On a wide range of issues including the state of our town centres, council tax, tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and much more, people will decide on who they will vote for based on whether life has got better in their local community, their nearest town and across the County as a whole.

I have been out and about in many parts of Llanelli in the past few weeks, campaigning alongside our excellent Welsh Labour candidates. It is impressive that so many people of different backgrounds and ages are willing to put themselves forward for public service and to do their best for their communities.

It is important that everyone takes the opportunity to vote in these elections. Those candidates who are elected will be making decisions that will affect our everyday lives.

Make sure that you have your say on 5th May.