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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an attack not only on a sovereign European nation but upon democracy itself.

I condemn the actions of President Putin completely. This unwarranted action will cause untold suffering for the people of Ukraine who are facing up to Russian aggressors via land, sea, air, cyber and misinformation attacks.  We must stand with the Ukrainians in their time of need and provide them with whatever support we can to help them defend their country and our common values.

It is important that there is a united and serious response to this latest Russian transgression. 

The UK Government must work with our partners in the G7, Nato and the UN to give Putin the clear message that he will be held fully accountable for his actions and strengthen the UK’s package of sanctions against Russia immediately, especially against Putin and those directly connected to him.  Included in the package should be Russia’s exclusion from international banking payment systems in order to apply the maximum amount of financial and economic pressure possible.

The seriousness of this situation cannot be underestimated and my thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at this dangerous and troubling time.