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Tomorrow, I will be voting against the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill.

The bill is an utter mess.

The Tories have undermined it by including many unacceptable proposals including draconian measures that impose disproportionate controls on free expression and the right to protest.

It also fails to address fundamental problems rooted within the criminal justice system and in wider society. There is nothing for victims of crime, nothing to protect women and nothing on rehabilitation or the prevention of crime.

We have a serious crisis in our police and justice system that has been created by a decade of cuts and failed Tory ideology. A well thought out bill, backed by a comprehensive plan to bring our criminal justice system back from the brink, could have been achieved.

Instead it is badly written, anti-democratic and full of holes.

That is why I will be opposing it when it comes before the House of Commons this week.