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Many people have contacted me in the last few days about the anti-social use of fireworks.

I recognise the stress and anxiety they can cause to smaller children, older people and those who suffer from mental health issues, as well as to pets and livestock. I also recognise that most people who do use fireworks, do so responsibly.

Since 2005, the sale of fireworks to the public has been prohibited, except for from licensed traders. It is an offence to use fireworks after 11pm and before 7am without permission, except on permitted fireworks nights, when the times are extended. On Bonfire Night the cut-off time is 12 midnight.

Given the age of our current fireworks regulations, the UK Government should look at them urgently to determine the changing impact of fireworks and whether any changes to the law are needed.

This year, Bonfire Night will be very different to those that have gone before.

Please be safe, responsible and considerate of others where you can.