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This article first appeared in the Llanelli Herald on 27/09/19

What an extraordinary week.

On Tuesday, the highest court in the land found that Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was illegal. On Wednesday, I was on the first train back to Westminster to get on with the job that MPs should have been doing all along – holding this arrogant Prime Minister to account.

Johnson’s plans for a disastrous No Deal Brexit do not have majority support in Parliament or the country. It is therefore right that the Supreme Court have blocked his appalling move to shut down opposition and scrutiny of his plans at this crucial moment for our country. 

The Prime Minister, has shown utter contempt for democracy and the people of this country. If he had a shred of integrity, he would resign immediately. But, as we all know by now, he does not have a shred of integrity. This is a man who has gone through life thinking he can do and say anything he wants, regardless of the consequences, and get away with it. He and his government ministers believe the rules that everyone else has to follow shouldn’t apply to them. Thankfully, no one is above the law in this country.

The Supreme Court ruled that his suspension of parliament was ‘unlawful, void and of no effect and should be quashed’. As Jeremy Corbyn pointed out in speech to the Labour Party Conference this week, what a fitting description of the Prime Minister that is. 

So, what next? First things first, we must ensure the Prime Minister complies with the law. And that means ensuring that he does not crash the UK out of the EU with a No Deal Brexit, with disastrous consequences for jobs and the economy. High time for him to stop the shenanigans and put the country first.