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Huge thanks to local residents who have drawn attention to the vast area across Bryn and Bynea which has been requested for development in the County Council’s draft Local Development Plan (LDP). We can understand why developers are attracted to this beautiful area, but we should beware of the problems of over-development and value our green spaces and residents’ quality of life.

We all need to make our views heard about the candidate sites that developers and landowners have earmarked for development, as the LDP will influence planning decisions in Carmarthenshire for the next decade. I urge everyone to look at the LDP candidate sites in their areas and submit their views to the Council by the deadline of 5pm on 8th February, which can be done by following the link below.

Local councillors and the Stop Overdeveloping Bryn/Bynea group have organised drop-in sessions for residents to look at the proposals and submit their views – one is in Bryn Hall from 6.30-9pm on Friday 1st Feb and the other is in Trallwm Hall from 9.30-11am on Saturday 2nd Feb.