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Interesting points emerged from meeting with residents and ResQ on Wireless broadband

  1. a) Individual households can apply, do not need to apply as a community group
  2. b) Households can access Welsh Government grants of up to £400 or £800 depending on speeds
  3. c) ResQ say they would require you to sign up for 18 months, after which time you could change.

Given that Government broadband fibre roll-out contract with Openreach ended in December 2017 and provision under new Welsh Government contract unlikely to get started until autumn 2018 at earliest, Bynea residents felt ResQ is really worth considering.

As price likely to be better if more residents sign up, Bynea residents are suggesting that if you are interested, you should get detail from ResQ and express interest by 9th February, so ResQ can base price on likely number of properties. ResQ have promised to send summary of what they said yesterday, but you can see their website or phone their office in Cross Hands.

Of course, residents may wish to consider other providers of wireless broadband. Individual households anywhere in Wales can look at these options, get quotes and apply for Welsh Government grants, but could be advantageous pricewise if a number of households in same area apply. Let me know if you want help in sounding out your neighbours.