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In response to concerns about the future of the out-of-hours GP service at Prince Philip Hospital where you can go when your GP surgery is not open, I immediately contacted the Health Board. We are NOT going to allow any erosion of services. In talking to the Deputy Chief Executive of the Health Board, I understand that the closing of some tax loopholes means that doctors providing the out-of-hours service at Prince Philip hospital and elsewhere will have to pay more tax on those earnings, and the worry is that this might make it less attractive to do the work. I stressed to him that the Health Board must do everything they possibly can to ensure that they continue to attract doctors to do the work. They must be proactive about securing doctors’ services and offer terms and conditions, shift pattern etc which attract doctors. I repeatedly stressed that we must keep this frontline service in Llanelli and that it would be out of the question to expect people to go to Glangwili. I will be keeping the pressure up on them, and asking for regular updates.