Home > News > Consultation open until 8 pm tonight  in the Diplomat on the County’s plans to site new school building for Dewi Sant School on Llanerch fields.

Dewi Sant School needs new buildings in the same way as the County has already drawn down money from the Labour Welsh Government for the many other school buildings across the County. But the Plaid and Independent Councillors who make up the County’s decision-making executive board should heed the public outcry at the proposals to put the new school building on Llanerch fields, and should insist that officers go back and take another look at the other 8 possible sites already identified (and indeed there may be others) and see if any of these could be made a viable alternative to Llanerch. That’s what the then Labour-led council did a few years ago when they switched plans for the new Penrhos School (formerly Lakefield and Copperworks) from Crown Park Seaside to the former Draka site in Copperworks Road.