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Members of the Community, Unite and GMB unions at Tata Steel, Scunthorpe launch their Stand up for Steel campaign. Picture: Submitted Buy this photo at www.thisisphotosales.co.uk/scunthorpe or by contacting 08444 060910 Requested byHarriet Whitehead Contact: Date: 28/01/2015 Postcode: Keywords:

Commenting on the news that TATA will stay in the UK, Nia Griffith MP said,

“After months of uncertainty and anxiety, it is welcome news to hear that TATA will be remaining in the UK and investing in Port Talbot, thus helping to secure jobs not only in Port Talbot but also at Trostre, Llanwern and Shotton. But it is coming at a price with workers taking a hit to their pensions. Now, more than ever, we need the UK Government to develop a proper industrial strategy to secure the long term future of the steel industry – this means tackling high energy prices, limiting the carbon tax and blocking unfair competition from subsidised Chinese imports. Uncertainty about the future is very stressful for workers, and hinders forward planning by industry, so now we urgently need the Government to be clear about its strategy for Brexit, and to make sure that we get access to the single market.”