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Nia Griffith MP has urged the UK Government to deliver faster broadband for families and businesses in Llanelli.

Speaking during a debate in the House of Commons, Nia urged the UK Government to guarantee funding for superfast broadband and to change the law to make it easier for companies to offer high-speed internet access.

Nia explained:

“Wales currently has relatively poor levels of superfast broadband compared to the rest of the UK. I told the Minister that this was just not good enough for the families and businesses in Llanelli who rely on fast internet connections as part of their everyday lives.

“A significant amount of the money spent on improving broadband speeds currently comes from the EU – £90m of the £231m total. This money could now be cut off as we prepare to exit the EU so I asked to the Minister to guarantee that the UK Government will step in to make up any shortfall.

“I also pressed the UK Government to change the law to make it easier for companies to offer better broadband speeds. This means updating the Electronic Communications Code, which is currently preventing mobile operators from offering high-speed mobile broadband, and it means pressing BT to open up some of its lines to competitors so that businesses will have more opportunities to install superfast broadband”

“Locally, I am chasing up the rollout of Superfast broadband, and Lee Waters AM and I will be meeting top level BT bosses on 16th September to raise questions about delays and the expected timetable for local areas. If you have anything specific that you would like me to raise at that meeting, then please get in touch.”

You can read the full text of my speech here.