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Nia Griffith MP is calling on the Prime Minister to provide better transitional arrangements for those women worst affected by the fast-forwarding of changes to the state pension age.

The campaigning MP explained: ”It is right and proper that the state pension age should be equalised between men and women. However, it is clear to me, from what women have told me at the crowded meetings I have organised, that the way that the changes have been poorly communicated, and are being rushed in as a result of the 2011 Pensions Act, has made women very angry. Moreover the lack of time to plan ahead has left some women in dire circumstances. That’s why, as well as joining in a mass petition presentation by MPs, I have written to the new Prime Minister, and spoken up in Parliament, demanding that ministers look again at the various proposals for much fairer transitional arrangements particularly for those women who are worst hit by the absurd haste with which these changes are being made.”

The Llanelli MP has led public meetings across the constituency with local women affected by the proposals and is working in Parliament to put pressure on the Government to come up with measures to soften the blow.