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Nia Griffith MP has congratulated Steve Sellers on his book on bullying “Lollipops and Ass-whoopings” which was launched this week at the Odeon Cinema, Llanelli. As Steve says at the beginning of the book “This book is so that history does not repeat itself.”

Nia explained,

“The clear message of Steve’s book is that it is not enough to have fine words and anti-bullying policies, the real challenge to all institutions, schools and workplaces is how you actually stamp out bullying, how you create an atmosphere where people can report problems and action is taken. And it’s not just in our institutions, in our day and age there is cyber bullying, which, as Steve says “follows you home” and can involve people you don’t even know saying appalling things from a distance. Steve has been very open and blunt in drawing on his own experiences of bullying, including homophobic bullying. I hope that Steve’s book will be an inspiration to all of us to redouble our efforts to tackle bullying in all its forms”