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Recently Nia Griffith MP and regional AM Eluned Morgan visited Prince Philip Hospital.

Nia Griffith MP explained:

“Recently  I had the privilege of visiting Prince Philip Hospital to see the new ‘front of house project’. This is the investment which has facilitated the prompt identification and fast tracking of the seriously ill patients through the Acute Medical Admissions Unit, separating them from those who are more appropriately treated in the minor injuries unit. It was good to hear from the highly committed staff about how the system works.

More importantly, quite separately I heard excellent reports from a friend who had recently been in the Acute Medical Admissions Unit with his elderly mother. Not only was he impressed with how she was treated but he commented on the way that he could see the efficient throughput of a constant flow of admissions….. And this from a friend who I can assure you would not have been slow to tell me if he thought things could have been done better.

We can never be complacent, as there are huge pressures on our NHS, with increasing numbers of frail elderly patients and staff shortages in some areas, and I regularly lobby the health board where matters need to improve. But it is good to see the ‘front of house’ project now working well for patients in Llanelli.

We can be proud that there has been interest from far and wide in the way the clinicians have developed this new system in Llanelli and also in the high-powered research that is going on in Prince Philip Hospital.Congratulations to Dr Robbie Ghosal, one of the clinicians directly involved, on his recent appointment as Hospital Director for Prince Philip Hospital and a big thank you to all those who are working so hard to provide good healthcare for patients in Llanelli.”