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Writing for Pink News to mark International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, Nia made the case that staying in the European Union benefits LGBT rights.

She said:

“The European Union has a strong record of advocating for LGBT rights amongst member states and British Ministers and MEPs can use their voices to push for greater freedoms across the EU.

“The simple fact is that gay people in countries like Poland or Latvia are more likely to see their rights protected by EU-wide legislation, than by their national governments. And by keeping Britain’s seat at the top table, we can act to make that happen.

“Because when LGBT activists are being beaten and spat at in Pride marches in Warsaw and Riga, our response should be to stand with them, not to turn our back.

“Staying inside the EU is a strong show of solidarity with gay people across the EU, but it is also a concrete way of achieving change.”

You can read the full article here