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Bryngwyn School March 2016Bryngwyn pupils who are ambassadors for promoting the importance of learning foreign languages invited Nia Griffith MP to take part in a video they are producing to highlight the opportunities that speaking a foreign language can open up. The pupils decided to ask Nia to take part after hearing her speak at a joint event with other local schools on language learning. Before becoming an MP, Nia taught languages in local schools, and she has also worked abroad in France, Italy and Belgium.

Speaking about the interview, Nia said,

“It was just like a  professional live TV interview. The pupils were really well-organised and had clearly thought out their questions. I was keen to stress learning a foreign language is not just for those who want to specialise in languages but is a really useful skill for everyone. With so much international trade and travel, there are all sorts of jobs from sports commentator or travel agent to business and commerce where knowing a language can be an advantage. Of course we cannot know when we are young which languages we will need later in life, but once we have learned how to learn one language, it makes it easier to learn another one.”