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Nia Despatch box cropped

Nia Griffith MP, Labour’s Shadow Welsh Secretary, has called on the UK Government to make radical changes to the draft Wales Bill during a debate in the House of Commons.

Speaking during a meeting of the Welsh Grand Committee, Nia Griffith criticised the UK Government for taking powers away from the Welsh Assembly and warned that Labour will not support the legislation unless it is radically amended, saying:

“We will not vote for a Bill that quite deliberately rolls back the powers of the Assembly, makes it harder to pass laws, and will almost certainly lead to thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money being wasted on legal challenges.

“This is not the clear and lasting settlement that the Secretary of State promised.

“It’s not what the Welsh public voted for in the 2011 referendum.

“This is a poorly drafted, unduly complicated and unworkable Bill. The people of Wales deserve better.

“The Secretary of State has failed every one of his own tests.

“We will not support this Bill unless it’s radically amended.”