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Nia GriffithNia Griffith MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, has questioned the UK Government’s commitment to the steel industry and the Swansea tidal lagoon.

Speaking today at Welsh questions in the House of Commons, Nia said,

“Last year the Secretary of State said his ambition was to “secure more balanced growth” in the Welsh economy.But on his watch we are seeing the loss of hundreds of jobs in our strategically important steel industry. The Government has been painfully slow to heed our warnings on cutting energy costs, and weak and two-faced when it comes to standing up to Chinese dumping of steel.So with EU backing given in December, how much longer will his government delay the energy compensation package the steel industry in Wales so desperately needs?”

“Government also has a key role in commissioning large infrastructure projects which can boost manufacturing and rebalance our economy. Companies across Wales, have been gearing up in earnest to supply the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, but they share my deep concern that the Government is now planning a lengthy “review” which could scupper the project altogether.Can the Minister now give us an unequivocal guarantee that this vitally-important project will not be sunk by his Government?”

Commenting on Secretary of State, Stephen Crabb’s answers, Nia added,

“Shockingly, he still could not give us any date for the energy compensation package for the steel industry, and was very non-committal on the lagoon. He just does not seem to be pushing for support for our industries.”