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IMG_9803Nia Griffith MP and Parc Howard Association members including Chair Gareth Morris and Secretary Jane Rosser delivered a letter to Llanelli Town Hall last Friday. The letter from the Association which was addressed to Jonathan Fearn, Head of Property at Carmarthenshire County Council, and copied to the Leader of the Council , Cllr Emlyn Dole, raised concerns about a legal notice in Western Mail, outlining the proposed disposal of a number of assets, including Parc Howard.

In their letter the Association spells out that:

“Parc Howard Association is not in favour of the Parc being transferred into private ownership and we object to its disposal, as stated in the legal notice placed in the Western Mail, by Carmarthenshire County Council”

They went on to say in the covering letter to Cllr Emlyn Dole:

“Parc Howard Association Committee members were shocked to read the legal notice, outlining the proposed disposal of a number of assets, including Parc Howard, as your recent comments in the local press gave assurances that Parc Howard would remain in the ‘public domain.”

Nia Griffith commented “ We now have a very active and determined Association who want to work with the people of Llanelli and the Council to protect Parc Howard for future generations. People are not against some sensitive commercialisation, such as a café in the park, but the views of the public are very clear about wanting to keep the park in public ownership, and the County Council should respect that.”