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Hendy planningConcerned residents called Nia Griffith MP out to Llwyn Bedw last Friday as

bulldozers had moved in. The MP explained:

“Residents of Llwyn Bedw asked me to come and see what was happening as bulldozers moved into their street to uproot hedgerows, remove kerbs and cut down trees to begin work on an access road for a new housing development. Residents are quite rightly very angry that this is happening when the development has not yet been considered by the planning committee.

There is still time up until 4th November to make your views known about this development through the Carmarthenshire County Council website planning page or emailing planningconsultations@carmarthenshire.gov.uk quoting planning application S/31228.  I know it feels as if this is a done deal, but, remember, as well as having the power to approve or reject this planning application, the planning committee can decide to impose certain conditions on the developer, which could help to minimise the impact on residents, so it is definitely worth spelling out specific concerns.

I note that the local County Councillor Gareth Thomas says on the planning website that he has no objections. I suggest therefore that you also tell him about your concerns.”

Lee Waters, Welsh Labour’s Assembly candidate, added:

“The development does not have planning permission, and despite the repeated pleas of elderly residents on the neighbouring street, Council planning officers have failed to take enforcement action against the illegal development. I would at least have expected an enforcement officer to have come out to find out what was going on. It is vital now that the planning committee listens to the residents’ concerns.”