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Speaking about the Police Commissioner’s proposals to move the main police station out of Llanelli Town Centre to Dafen,  Nia Griffith MP said,

“What people want in Llanelli is a front of house, easy access, open 24/7 local police station and a highly visible policing presence in and around the town centre, with quick response times, as well as the restoration of the town centre CCTV, but most people are not particularly interested in where the back offices or cells are located so long as that does not become an excuse for the police to spend less time in town, and the public certainly don’t want to see money spent on expensive refurbishment.

The move does however pose serious concerns in that moving staff out of this central location will mean less footfall and trade for our town, so It really matters  what happens to the site of the current police station……. We need to think imaginatively and realistically in consultation with the public, about what would best help to revitalise the area… Whether for example that might include some office facilities or residential units with off-street parking…. and I would urge the County Council to start focussing on this now so we are not left with a gaping hole here in the heart of the town, and to stop chasing after more commercial development out at Trostre which will further damage our town centre.”