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Nia Griffith MP, Labour’s shadow Wales Minister, has attacked Alun Cairns MP, Wales Office Minister for his response today on tax credits at Welsh questions in Parliament. Replying to the Labour MP’s request for reassurances that the Government will not cut child tax credits, Mr Cairns said it was a wrong priority.

Commenting on Mr Cairns’ response, Nia Griffith said

“I am horrified at the Minister’s response. He clearly does not understand the importance of child tax credits in our current taxation system – in providing families with children who are in work but on below average incomes with additional support to help them do the best for their children. To describe protecting child tax credits as a “wrong priority” whilst legislating to prevent any income tax increase for millionaires is a real kick in the teeth for working people. Over half of all families with children in Wales rely on child tax credits to help them make ends meet. Any cuts in tax credits would be a case of trying to balance the books on the backs of the poor, and would have a detrimental knock-on effect on local businesses as people have less money to spend. You just can’t trust the Tories with tax credits. ”