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Residents Ruth Edwards and Ken Harries with Cllr Louvain Roberts and Nia Griffith MP on Lower Trostre Road

Nia Griffith MP has welcomed Cllr Louvain Roberts’ success in obtaining £170,000 to provide traffic calming measures and improve road safety in the Glanymor Ward. The plans include humps and other traffic calming measures on Lower Trostre Road and New Dock Road, as well as 20 mph signs around the area, and on the way to local schools.

Cllr Louvain Roberts explained, “We have secured this money from the Safer Routes to Schools Scheme to make the area safer for children going to school, other pedestrians and local residents.”

Local Resident Ruth Edwards, who lives on Lower Trostre Road, said, “We have been campaigning for 20 years to get the traffic to slow down and make this area safer. I really hope now that these new traffic calming measures including humps will make a difference.”

Nia Griffith MP added, “Lower Trostre Road is a very busy area with heavy industrial traffic and children going to school. It seems even the speed cameras have had limited effect, so I hope these new measures here and across the area will make drivers slow down and make the area safer for children and other road users.”