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Residents in the Tyisha area of Llanelli are hoping to create a fenced off dog exercise area on the grassy land situated between Waddles Court and Ann St, which local residents would be able to enter, let the gate click shut behind them and let their dogs off the lead without endangering or inconveniencing anyone. This would be particularly helpful for older resdients who find that they can no longer run as fast as their dogs like to go! Backers of the scheme have stressed that dog owners should always act responsibly and clean up after their dogs and use the bins provided.

To help further their aims, they have collected over 170 names on a petition, which they have taken to Nia Griffith MP to ask for her support.

Nia Griffith  MP explained

“Residents brought me a petition calling for the provision of a fenced dog exercise area on the grassy land adjoining Ann St and Waddles Court, so I organised a meeting at the Railway Club in Ann St, at which we discussed the idea, and then we went out to inspect the residents’ preferred area for the dog park. To date I have contacted some possible providers of fencing, as well as the County Council as owner of the land and Mike Roberts, the council officer who has had responsibility for the recent consultation on where dogs should be allowed. “