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You will by now have seen the new children’s play area at North Dock, clearly visible as you walk, cycle or drive past, and, if you have actually been into the park during the last week, you will have seen the glorious pink bench placed there in memory of Hannah Meredith, who died tragically a week before her 18th birthday after a long battle with drugs. The idea for the bench came from Lisa Moore, Hannah’s aunt, who has been instrumental in setting up the Hannah Meredith Foundation.

Lisa explained that it would be particularly appropriate to site the bench which she had commissioned in memory of Hannah in the play park as many of Hannah’s friends are now themselves parents of young children, and would enjoy bringing their children there. Lisa then got the necessary permission from the County Council, and organised the launch, which, she stressed, was to be a happy occasion.

Commenting on the launch, Nia Griffith MP said,

“I was very honoured to take part in the launch ceremony for the Hannah Remembered Forever bench, and I would like to congratulate Lisa Moore and all those involved for coming up with this lovely, practical way to remember Hannah in such a happy setting. The bench will be much appreciated by many people, when they bring their children to play here.”