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Welsh pensioners will be better off under a Labour Government. Labour will protect pensions and tackle the cost-of-living crisis that has hit many older people by freezing energy prices. Labour will maintain universal benefits such as free bus passes and the winter fuel allowance for all but the richest pensioners.

A Tory Government’s plans to return to 1930’s level of spending would mean many vital services and benefits for older persons would be cut here in Wales.

Llanelli’s Labour candidate, Nia Griffith explained:

“Older people across Britain have been let down by this Tory government, with sneaky cuts like the granny / granddad tax which abolished the extra tax free allowance for pensioners. They have delayed action to cut pension fees leaving savers worse off and older people having to fend for themselves with no protection against scams and rip-off fees, allowed energy bills to rocket and hit living standards with a VAT rise.

Labour has a better plan to protect older people’s living standards. We will protect the triple lock that ensures that pensioner income keeps pace with the cost of living. We will protect the winter fuel allowance for all pensions with an income below £42,000 a year and cap charges on retirement products and protect against scams.

Older people in Wales have a straightforward choice at this election between Labour and the Tories. Between a Labour government that will protect their pensions with a triple-lock, raise living standards and maintain free bus passes and free prescriptions and a Tory government that has let them down and will only ever stand up for a privileged few.”