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At a public meeting last night, residents of Burry Port expressed their extreme anger at the way that the Tory Police Commissioner Christopher Salmon has let down the people of Burry Port. The meeting heard how quick reaction by CCTV monitoring staff and police officers responding from Burry Police Port Station had led to the apprehension on Burry Port Train Station of a shoplifter who had stolen £200 of goods from the local Co-op – an arrest which took place just seconds before he boarded a train.

Speaking at the meeting, Nia Griffith said,

“It is disgraceful that this Tory Police Commissioner is getting rid of the police station and stopping the monitoring of the CCTV cameras in the third largest town in Carmarthenshire. This is an open invitation to for criminals to come to Burry Port, a town which hitherto has had a reputation for low crime and high detection rates. Just like he agreed with his Tory bosses to give up the police helicopter, he is idealogically driven and just wants to boast of cutting £10 per year off the police precept for a band D property and he clearly does not care about the people of Burry Port. If we get a Labour Government elected on 7th May, we will definitely be getting rid of all Police Commissioners.”