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Labour is today setting out our plans to ban exploitative zero hour contracts including:

  • A strengthening of protection so that anyone working regular hours for 12 weeks will be legally entitled to a regular contract not a zero hours contract.
  • A personal commitment from Ed Miliband that legislation to ban exploitative zero hours contracts will be in Labour’s first Queen’s Speech and that it will be a priority for legislation.

Nia Griffith, Labour’s candidate for the Llanelli constituency, said

“Far too many people are suffering the insecurity of zero hours contracts, not knowing from one week to the next how many hours they will be working or how much money they will earn. No-one can be expected to plan their lives like that – that’s why it will be a top priority for us to legislate to ban exploitative zero hours contracts, and get people onto proper regular contracts. Labour will also give workers on zero hours contracts new rights to be protected from employers who try to force them to be available