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On Friday Nia Griffith MP had the pleasure of unveiling an information board detailing the history of the Gelli Road area, its main landmarks and its people. The information board was researched and commissioned by Llanelli Community Heritage, as one of a series of boards across the Llanelli area. Historic material about the area, including a photo of Gladys Aylward on a visit to the area, was provided by local residents, who also attended the opening, along with the past and present headteachers of St Michael’s School. Also in attendance were members of the Rees family, the former owners of Gelli House, which has now become the Bryn and TrallwmSocial Club. Cllr Sharen Davies, County Councillor for the area, was instrumental in seeing this project come to fruition, and Cllr Tegwen Devichand, the Council Executive Board member with responsibility for housing arranged for it to be sited on land which comes under the council’s housing department, at the entrance to Bryn Amanwy.

The event was introduced by Lyn John, Vice-Chair of Llanelli Community Heritage, and then speaking before she unveiled the plaque, Nia Griffith MP said;

“I’d like to thank Llanelli Community Heritage, Cllr Sharen Davies, Cllr Tegwen Devichand and all those involved in helping to create and erect this excellent information board. It is vital that we should remember our history. I found it fascinating studying this board, learning how the landscape changed from agricultural to coal mines to the present housing estates,and seeing how local events mirrored the social change of the time. We learn about the chapels, and the history of Bryn School  – first recorded as a Sunday School in 1842 before becoming the local school. This reflected the growing concern for the welfare of children, which had prompted the Children’s Employment Commission Report, which led to Parliament passing the 1842 Mines and Collieries Act, prohibiting the use underground of children under 10. There is plenty to read and learn about on this board, and its situation right next to the bus stop will certainly make waiting for the bus more interesting.”