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Commenting on the recent budget, Nia Griffith MP said,

“This budget offers little comfort to families and businesses in Llanelli who have seen their disposable income badly squeezed because in four out of the last five years prices have risen faster than incomes, not to mention the extra VAT they’ve been paying since 2010. No wonder they think the Chancellor is on another planet when he talks about an economic recovery: it is not one that is being shared by people in Llanelli who see low wages, zero-hours contracts and falling living standards, whilst the Chancellor gives tax breaks to his hedge fund pals.

Moreover people in Llanelli know that the Chancellor is planning cuts for the next parliament which will be far bigger than anything we have seen to date – that’s official from the Office of Budget Responsibility. His complete failure to get down the deficit, which is now a staggering £90bn, and his stubborn determination to push ahead with massive cuts which will come down the line to the Welsh Government and our local councils will see unprecedented cuts to frontline services on a scale hitherto unimaginable and consequent loss of jobs. That’s on top of  the fact that Wales is already £1.5bn worse off than we would have been under Labour. Llanelli simply cannot afford another five years of Tory Government.”