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Nia Griffith MP was delighted to have the opportunity yesterday to meet pupils form Y10 in St John Lloyd’s Roman Catholic School in Dafen. After the MP had given a talk about life as an MP, she then took part in a discussion with pupils about how they would make decisions and what their priorities for running the country would be.

Commenting on the visit, Nia Griffith said:

“Young people always keep politicians on their toes, and they often ask some of the most demanding question, and Y10 pupils in St John Lloyd’s last week were no exception: their contributions included questions on the complex West Lothian question, and the inside workings of the Labour Party. I was pleased also to have a chance to meet the Headteacher Mr Paul White, and I assured him that, as in the past, I would speak up very strongly against any suggestion from the County Council to cut the funding of transport to St John Lloyd’s. I know that County Councillors have some very difficult decisions to make on the budget this year, but I know that Councillors like Cllr Tegwen Devichand will be seeking to protect the funding of transport to St John Lloyd’s.”