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Rob Rayner, Nia Griffith MP and George Golightly opening the extension to the track of the miniature railway in Pembrey

Nia Griffith MP had the honour last week of opening the Miniature Rail and Road Steam rally in Pembrey Country Park. The weekend rally which attracted between 6,000 and 7,000 visitors from all over the country, and involved the display of over 115 vintage engines including locomotives and traction engines was organised by the Llanelli and District Model Engineers. These are the band of local volunteers who keep the miniature railway in the park running, and who have recently built an extension to the track, which was opened at the same time as the rally.

Speaking at the opening, Nia Griffith MP said,

“It gives me great pleasure today not only to welcome everyone to this magnificent steam rally, but also to open the extension to the Miniature Railway track. You can really feel the buzz in the air as so many dedicated individuals come together to share their enthusiasm and ideas and to help each other with their projects. It is a real tribute to the Llanelli and District Model Engineers, that they have not only organised this weekend’s event for the ninth year running, but that their dedicated volunteers run the rides on the miniature railway for visitors throughout the season, and that they have painstakingly built this extension so visitors can enjoy two loops of the track. I should like to thank George Golightly, President and Rob Rayner, Chairman and their team in the Llanelli and District Model Engineers for all their hard work.”