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Pictured at recent SOSPPAN meeting, L to R, Keith Davies AM, Cllr Sian Caiach, Nia Griffith MP, Bryan Hitchman, Cllr Louvain Roberts and back row, Cllr Deryk Cundy, Haydn Jones and Tony Flatley.

Nia Griffith MP has given a cautious welcome to the plans for emergency care at Prince Philip hospital. Speaking last week at the Sosppan meeting at which the details of the plans were made public, Nia Griffith MP said

“I think that it is helpful to have the detail of the services clarified. What we need to be certain of now is that Hywel Dda keeps to the plans and provides adequate staff and services at A&E and the Emergency Medical Unit at Prince Philip Hospital to deal with this range of emergency situations.I have taken the opportunity this week to stress this to Mrs Bernadine Rees, the new Chair of the Health Board.”

After a meeting with Mrs Rees on Monday, Nia added:

“In our meeting I specifically raised the issue of keeping up staffing levels to provide these services, not least because ambulances queuing outside hospitals means longer response times to new calls coming in. I was very much heartened by Mrs Rees’ response and attitude. She really does seem determined to make improvements to our service, and to take issues like staff recruitment seriously. She also promised to respond promptly when we raise issues with her, and she knows I will be holding her to her word. “

The plans for emergency care at Prince Philip Hospital include the following points:

Acute patients will by-pass general emergency reception and be admitted to the separate Emergency Medical Unit for immediate access to a consultant

A medical registrar on site 24/7

A lead consultant available 24/7, on site 12/7 and on call 12/7.

Three or four junior doctors on site at the Emergency Medical Unit 24/7.

A robust 24/7 emergency nurse practitioner rota will be implemented.

A GP with additional training in emergency care available 24/7 on site.

A specialist psychiatric team available 24/7 to address mental health issues.

An alcohol liaison nurse 24/7 to address alcohol and substance misuse issues.

Rapid access for frail elderly patients to an enhanced and expanded frailty service for holistic treatment of any underlying issues relating to their admission.

The current out-of-hours GP service will continue to operate independently.