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With Mariella Frostrup stressing importance of Water Aid

Local Llanelli MP Nia Griffith spoke up and voted in favour of a bill that would enshrine in law the UK’s commitment to spend 0.7% of national spend on overseas aid. By voting for this bill, which was included in all main party manifestos in 2010, she along with other MPs, has helped to fulfil the government and the country’s pledge to care for the world’s poorest and confirm this in law.

In the run up to the vote, many of Nia’s constituents called on her encouraging her to turn up, vote and save lives.

Nia Griffith MP says, “I am proud to represent the Llanelli constituency and always make it a priority to listen to people from my local area, whether it’s on a local or a global issue. After hearing from local residents, I wanted to fulfil our commitment to meeting our UK Aid promise and enshrine it in law. We have a duty to care for the world’s poorest and it is also in our interest to help build a more peaceful and stable world. Putting this in law will set an example for other countries to follow, and will give our aid work the stability it needs.”

UK aid changes and saves lives every day. Since 2012 British aid investment into vaccines and health has contributed to the biggest ever fall in child deaths, saving a child’s life every two minutes from preventable illnesses such as pneumonia and diarrhoea. Since 1990 the number of children dying unnecessary deaths has been cut almost in half, from 12 million a year to 6.9 million.  Aid has also contributed to improving education, health, sanitation, gender equality, and other public services that sustain a developing economy and add to global growth.

Ben Jackson, CEO of Bond, the membership organisation for 420 UK relief and development charities said, “On behalf of our members we are delighted today to see so many MPs including Nia Griffith attend this important debate and vote in favour of this legislation. We are grateful for her support in upholding Britain’s promise of spending 0.7% of our national budget on overseas aid.”