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To address residents’ concerns, Nia Griffith MP set up a meeting between Mr Graham Richardson of Metier Group representing the developers, Mr Eifion Bowen CCC’s Head of Planning and appropriate technical staff.

Commenting on the meeting, Nia said, “We had a very constructive meeting between the residents, Mr Graham Richardson and Mr Eifion Bowen CCC Head of planning, and, I would like to thank all concerned for their very positive approach. It was agreed that residents would be able to use a vehicular access as shown on the original map, and that there would be a pedestrian gate at the back of 22 Bancyffynnon for residents with enough space on the residents’ side of the fence for residents to walk along. It is also proposed that there will be a pedestrian gate through the acoustic fence at the end of Bancyffynnon.  Residents have now received a plan and they are pleased with the layout. The owners of properties on this side of Banyffynnon would now simply like some clarification on the exact measurements involved, and reassurances that the land will be left in fit state after the erection of the acoustic fence.

Fighting for access in Cross Hands

Nia Griffith MP is trying to get to the truth about what can be done to help residents of Bancyffynnon, Cross Hands, who are faced with losing the access to the rear gardens of their homes when a two metre acoustic fence is erected, as part of the new supermarket and housing development. Commenting on the situation to date, Nia Griffith explained

“It’s important that we get round the table as soon as possible, whilst there is still time for modifications to be made to the plans. Whilst I was told by the County Council that we would need to contact the developers, now Mr Graham Richardson from the developers, has explained to me that that the acoustic fence is a condition of the planning permission: he said that the Council had insisted on it, to satisfy the planning officers, and their colleagues in highways and environmental health. He explained that its purpose was to protect the residents from the noise of vehicles servicing and accessing the supermarket and the 200 new homes. He said that it was costing the developers a lot of money and that they would be agreeable to saving money by NOT erecting it, but that the Council would have to release them from the obligation to provide it. I have therefore contacted the planning department, and asked them to meet me, together with the residents as a matter of UTMOST URGENCY – within couple of days if possible to discuss the situation.”