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Nia Griffith MP with Melisa Davies, Emily Landon, Cllr Sharen Davies and little Cameron Price with his mother Sarah.

Nia Griffith MP and Llwynhendy Councillor Sharen Davies are highlighting the opportunities for children to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge, which is on offer at Llwynhendy Library and many other libraries across the County.

Aimed at primary school children between the ages of 4-11, and designed for all reading abilities, the free six week scheme is organised by the independent charity The Reading Agency, and run in conjunction with local libraries nationwide.  This year, the theme of the challenge is the ‘Mythical Maze’, and to move around the maze, children have to read any six books of their choice borrowed from their local library. On their journeys around the labyrinth, children will encounter fantastical beasts from myth and legend, drawn by award-winning illustrator, Sarah McIntyre. When children finish a book, they receive a range of rewards, and upon completion of the challenge, they receive a certificate.

Nia Griffith MP said,“During the long summer holidays, children’s reading abilities can often suffer a dip. This scheme has been proven to help prevent this dip, helping to build confidence and a lifelong love of reading. Whilst the challenge is primarily aimed at primary school children, it is pleasing to see that there is also a mini-challenge for children of pre-school age, and opportunities for young people aged 13-24 to volunteer to help the younger children through the scheme. I very much hope that children across the County will go to their local library and take up the challenge.”

Cllr Sharen Davies added, “We have a spacious library here in Llwynhendy, and the Mythical Maze challenge makes reading all the more fun, so don’t forget to call in this Summer holidays. “