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Llanelli Disabled Drivers Association Chairman Mr Peter Joseph and his wife parading their Easter hats

On Easter Tuesday Nia Griffith MP joined civic dignitaries and members of the Llanelli Disabled Drivers’ Association for their Easter Tea in the Disabled Drivers Hall in Albert Street, Llanelli. The hall was full of the lively buzz of activity as the association members paraded their Easter hats, and enjoyed the raffle, bingo, Easter eggs and of course their Easter tea. One special visitor to the Association was a teenager from Kosovo whom the group has helped sponsor, in order to enable him to come to Wales and have an artificial leg fitted. Members were thrilled to see him able to walk into the hall

Mr Peter Joseph who chairs the Association explained

“We have changed our emphasis in recent times. We are finding that the biggest problem for older people is isolation and loneliness. It is all very well for the policy makers to want to keep people in their own homes for longer but that can leave some people very isolated – if they live alone and do not see much of their family, so we are opening our doors now, not just to those with mobility difficulties, but to be more a of social centre. “