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Nia Griffith MP has slated English Tory MPs for playing politics and hurling unfounded abuse at Wales, just to take the attention off the problems of their own NHS trusts in England.

After raising the matter at the dispatch box during Welsh questions this week, Nia explained, “I am not complacent about the NHS in Wales, there is always room for improvement and I am the first to complain and question bosses when there are problems, but it is disgraceful that Tory MPs from England are now parroting half truths about the NHS in Wales. The reality is that , on  getting cancer treatment started for example,Wales performs better that three quarters of trusts in England. I suspect some of them don’t even know the figures for their own NHS areas and are just reading Tory office script about Wales to take attention off what is really happening with the break up of the NHS in England. They should be scrutinising their own NHS areas …. That’s what their electors expect, and leave us to concentrate on our NHS in Wales. As they say Tories in glass houses…….”