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Coedcae School pupils Mollie Fitzpatrick, Carys Williams and Tamsin Bush have interviewed Nia Griffith MP as part of their project on water and, in particular on the Rainscape project in Llanelli. As Y9 pupil Mollie Fitzpatrick explained,

“We have been looking in particular at the Rainscape project in Llanelli, and how it is intended to work, and we are already planning to interview the headteacher of Stebonheath School, where hard surfaces have been replaced by surfaces which allow the water to drain more slowly.”

“Do you think for example, “suggested Carys Williams, “that they could roll out a similar scheme in other schools such as Bigyn and the new Furnace school which are situated at the top of slopes, where surface water run-off can be a problem for the areas below?”

Commenting on the session, Nia Griffith MP said,

“It was a pleasure to discuss the problems of flood prevention with Mollie, Carys and Tamsin, as they clearly understand the issues and have constructive ideas about what more could be done.”